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Fire Ratings and Endurance of Fireproof Safes

Even if fires can actually be prevented, there are still some other factors that could cause fire unexpectedly. Along with fire comes the inevitable damage spanning a long list of possessions and property. As reported by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), there were a total of 383,500 home fires in the United States resulting into $5.5 billion of property damage.

Now, what we ideally want for our homes or offices in case the building starts burning is that we would be able to lessen the damage, or at least not let everything inside the house burn down to ashes in no time. We might be too busy saving our lives and forgetting about important documents, highly valued objects, money, jewelry, and even old (and priceless) photographs will only make the aftermath worse.

Families and offices resort to the guaranteed safety rendered by vaults and safes, both from fire and burglars. There are many fireproof safes with different fire ratings. Safe manufacturers hire a highly regarded private testing laboratory to test their fireproof safes for a specific amount of time to determine their rating.

Heat sensors are placed inside the safe, and the safe itself is placed in a burn chamber. The chamber is brought up to a temperature between 1350 to 1750 degrees. The timer starts when the desired temperature is reached, and the objective is to time how long the temperature stays below 350 degrees Fahrenheit. That is where the rating is based. If the temperature inside the safe stays below that certain temperature for 30 minutes, then the safe has a rating of 30 minutes.

Fireproof safes have to resist a temperature below 350 degrees Fahrenheit because any kind of paper will begin to char at just about 387 degrees and will burst into flames at 451 degrees Fahrenheit. Fire ratings are intended to be a maintained allowance to make sure that the kept objects inside the safe won’t burn immediately.

A Fire Endurance Test is a trial on fireproof safes to measure the degree of resistance on temperatures that are patterned to standardized fire exposure situations.

To expose all exterior surfaces on the safe, it is place in a cold furnace for a while, and then after pulling it out, a heat measuring apparatus is installed inside the safe along with scattered pieces of paper. Once the door of the safe is closed and locked, it is placed in another furnace for heating. The heat is adjusted according to the time and temperature set as recorded standards. To determine the safe’s classification, it has to remain in the furnace for a particular amount of time and temperature. Class A fireproof safes are able to endure 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for four hours; Class B safes are able to endure 1850 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours; Class C and Class D safes are able to endure 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour; and finally, Class E safes are able to endure 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for thirty minutes.

f-6Safe manufacturers make sure that the vaults and safes they produce are dependable for hazardous situations, so that keeping all the valuable things of the family won’t be difficult to retrieve after the fire. Choosing the right fire-rated safe would guarantee safety and protection, but note that a vault must also be tested for its condition after a fire impact or an explosion that is likely to happen in burning buildings.

There is also a difference between vaults of differing labels. Safe manufacturers tend to attach their own grade label to their safes. A label on one piece of equipment is not automatically equivalent to another label on a different piece of equipment.

Cleaning Waterproof Golf Shoes

Moisture is the leading cause of the early deterioration of most golf shoes. Shoes that are stored while damp or waterlogged are likely to become breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Likewise, incorrectly stored shoes are liable to become deformed over time.

However, even if you own a pair that has a waterproof coating applied professionally or otherwise, it is still important that they be properly stored. Before you put them away, you should ensure that appropriate cleaning methods are administered on your golf shoes. Proper cleaning will ensure that your investments will remain in good condition for many years to come.

The type of courses you play on will ultimately determine the extent of cleaning you will have to administer on your shoes. Waterproof golf shoes that are worn on dry courses will need minimal cleaning. Usually a good wiping with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth will suffice for such cases.

However, golf shoes that are often worn on wet or muddy course will require a more extensive cleaning procedure. In fact, you will normally be required to clean your shoes at the end of every round.Although it can be quite tedious, you will need to apply a cleaning regimen on your shoes even while you are staying on the course.

The first step in cleaning those hard working waterproof golf shoes is to wipe them down with a towel or cloth. Make sure that every crease on the shoe’s surface is thoroughly cleaned and dried.

sh-6The next step is to turn over your shoes and remove any dirt or stones that have lodged themselves between the spikes of the shoe sole. You can accomplish this step using either your hands or a brush with stiff bristles. Removing the debris will not only make your shoes cleaner but also give them a better foothold.

The last step is to rub a specially formulated shoe cleaner on your shoes to make sure that they are spotless before your next hole. Not all shoe cleaners are created equal. Therefore, you should only use the appropriate cleaner for your shoe depending on its composition.

After a long day on the course, it is understandable that you will be exhausted and wish for nothing more than to rest your feet. Nevertheless, you will still need to observe another more thorough cleaning regimen before you put way your shoes if you want to keep them looking their best.

If a towel was previously enough to clean the surface of your golf shoes while on the course, you will now have to make use of more heavy duty cleaning materials while at home. Any stubborn soil marks that cake your shoes will have to be carefully removed using a soft-bristled brush. Leave the stiff-bristled brush for the sole. If the soil still leaves any persistent stains on the actual fabric of your shoes, you will then have to make use of a mild detergent. However, you would still want to make sure that the detergent is actually compatible with the shoe’s composition before you use it.

A harsh detergent can do more harm than good and possibly destroy the material of your shoes. Therefore, try to do a spot test on an inconspicuous part of the shoe and observe its effect before you apply the cleaning agent on the entire surface. Afterwards, make sure that you wipe it down with a dry cloth to prevent the accumulation of moisture.

Additionally, allow the shoes to dry completely before your store them away. Air-drying is the best drying method to use since the heat of a blow dryer will likely cause a leather golf shoe to crack.

Lastly, you will need to insert shoe trees in your treasure pair. Even a waterproof shoe can become deformed after being subjected to large amounts of water. A shoe tree will absorb those last few traces of moisture as well as help your shoes maintain their shape. Crumpled newspapers can serve as good alternatives if shoe trees are unavailable.

History of PCB Assembly

Thomas Edison, Albert Hanson and Charles Decease, amongst others were instrumental in the development of PCB Assembly in the early 20th century. They made use of boards that came from electrical connection systems that were widely used during those times.

But it was only in 1936 when the modern type of Printed Circuit was invented with the help of Engineer Paul Eisler. The PCB Assembly was initially made as a part of a radio set. Eisler was residing in England when he made the said radio with the circuit. Eisler made a lot of changes to the old Printed Circuit Board. He replaced the metal strips with wires and made use of metal frames as bases instead of wooden racks. This is on order for the boards to easily be used even in smaller products or gadgets, just like the kind of gadgets that are commonly used today.

pcb-7The Second World War

Paul Eisler was incarcerated in England during the Second World War because it is said that he was living in the country without proper authorization. But this point in his life did not stop Eisler from continuing to work on the Printed Circuit Board. When he was released in 1941, he asked for the help of a lithography company named Camberwell to finance his invention. The company was impressed by Eisler and his prospect and so they chose to lend him money and sign a contract with him. Unfortunately for Eisler, the contract actually asked him to turn the rights of the PCB Assembly to Camber well but lucky for him, he was still able to retain patent of the said invention so he was still able to call it his own.

His invention was widely used during and after the Second World War in creating fuses but did not become commercially available until the 1950’s as many people were still hesitant to use the boards and did not really know what to make of them. His invention was also used by the U.S. Military in bomb detonators. This way, they were able to beat the Germans and make them realize that they were more technologically adept than them.

During the early days, holes were drilled into the circuit boards so that each wire can go through each of the holes and so that smaller components would easily be soldered on to them. It was in 1949 when the modern process of developing PCB’s came abound. This modern process includes the installation of component leads into interconnection patterns made out of copper foils.

In 1961, the company Hazel tine patented the through-hole technology which is used in the boards today. This made it easier for manufacturers to use the boards with small products and be able to insert more components into the holes so their products could work and can easily be used by the public. This process is still widely used up to this day and age, followed by the use of integrated circuit chips which were introduced in the 1970’s. Modern PCB’s have 50 or more layers and are easily incorporated into even the smallest, lightest gadgets.

The Uses

While the PCB Assembly was first used for military and industrial purposes, it then went on to be the foundation of most of the gadgets that people use these days. Televisions, Computers, Radios, and even Mobile Phones make use of Printed Circuit Boards so you can say that it is truly one of the most useful products out there.

If you have a gadget than you most certainly are using PCB, as well. These things always go hand in hand. How would you know that? Well, try opening any of those gadgets and you will be able to see a green, red or blue board with coppery dots—that’s the PCB for you.

Benefits of using a portable storage container

A lot of people would agree that the problem of where to store things before moving in to your new house or office is one of the most difficult parts of relocation. However, these days, you can make things easier by using a portable storage container. A portable storage container is in some ways a better alternative to the storage units that people traditionally and usually use. Using a portable container offers certain benefits which include the following.

The first benefit is security. High-end types of portable container are made of portable storage containersteel and have features like tamper-proof lockboxes. You can rest in peace knowing that your property would remain safe and secured.

You have the option to have it stored on-site if you want easy access, or to store in the secure facilities of the storage container company. Some companies even offer drop-off and delivery services for your convenience. When you do opt for the company’s facilities instead of having it in your place, you also have the option to get the container delivered when you need it.

The next benefit of a storage container is its versatility. You can use your storage container for a long time or for only a short period of time. The containers do not degrade and will never get worn-out within a lifetime. So, whatever your purpose may be, whether you need to store something for a while, or whether you just need storage space for a few days, these storage containers could come in handy. There is also no need for you to rush with the relocation process. You don’t have to unload everything at a specific date – you can just take things slowly and unload at your own pace!

A portable storage container is also weather proof. No matter the kind of weather you are having today, your storage container can take it. Do not worry about your things inside your storage container because it is well protected. Most of these containers are also water resistant so you do not have to worry about moisture damage. You may have to look for special containers if you’re looking to store items that guarantee 100% protection from water.

What’s even better is that a portable storage container can give you good value for money these days. Some people do not like storage containers; after all, it would be a considerable investment for something that would only be used to warehouse certain items. But considering the convenience and the other benefits, it is more than worth it.

It also has other uses other than for relocation. If you decided to sell your house and you wanted it look beautiful and brand new, you can use a storage container. You can stack and organize all of your things inside it and after you stack your things, you can now easily get rid of things you will not use anymore and you can give your house a make over. This also works when – for example – your house is under renovation. Since your house is under renovation, you have to clear your house. You can use your storage container for storing your things for the mean time. The size of a storage container also helps because of its huge size; you can organize your things inside it. Thus, when you have to bring back your things in your house you will not have a hard time.

A portable storage container can be a big help to people who decided to move into a new house, new business site or whatever. However, make sure the things inside your storage container are well organize so that when you are about to bring your things in your new house you won’t have a hard time.

Clever Ways People Have Used a Mister

A mister is a machine that some people might mistake for a fancy looking electric fan. In a way, that is true. Misting systems are nothing more than fancy fans that blow air mixed with super tiny droplets of water.

The air the misting system blows is cooler than the surrounding temperature. The mist fan achieves this by exploiting a process known as evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is a cooling process where a liquid, take for example water, absorbs heat to the point that it evaporates.

The same process is used to help cool off the body when it gets way too hot. The human body sweats in order for the sweat to absorb some of the heat and cool off the body.

However, people have come up with unique and interesting ways to use a mister. People might be surprised just how well these machines can be used for something other than keeping people cool. Below are some of the less common, but nevertheless interesting, applications of misting systems.

Making Hollywood special effects

This is probably the most unique way of using a misting system and probably how most kids want to use them. Mist systems produce a fine mist that some creative stage producers have begun to use as a cheap source of special effects.

Special effects help set the mood and the atmosphere for any kind of theatrical performance or film production. Mist systems present a cheap, but nevertheless, effective way of producing special effects in movies and stage productions.

It does not take a lot of technical knowhow to create mist with this kind of technology. In the old days, special effects had to rely on specialized machines using special substances, such as oil, in order to produce mist. A mister on the other hand, simply requires the operator to use water to make things work.

Misting and industrial cooling

Mist systems are also popular with industries that use a lot of heavy machinery. Big machines require big engines to produce a huge amount of power. The issue with these big machines is that they tend to produce a lot of heat when they are operational. This is a major cooling issue that can put operations to a standstill.

A mister is an extremely cheap and affordable way of cooling off machines. Cooling machines helps ensure that it will not break down and stall production or work. Keeping the machines cool also makes sure that they last longer. This will keep the businessmen happy as it means less coin is needed to maintain the machines in working condition.

Furthermore, cooling a machine through misting has the added benefit of providing a more comfortable working environment for the employees. Employees, who work in a cool environment, especially those working in factories along with heavy machinery, are more likely to be productive and effective at their job.

Cooling livestock with mist

Misting systems actually came into being when someone came up with the bright idea to use mist in order to cool livestock. Livestock owners have problem cooling their animals during the hot summer days. Animals are just like people in that they tend to be more productive when they are comfortable.

An excellent misting system will help reduce heat stress. This reduction in heat stress will help increase productivity. A swine’s litter for example is better at weaning when they live in a cold environment. They are also more likely to have better sex drives and more likely to produce high quality milk for their young when in a cold environment. A mister is an effective way of maintaining the health of a livestock population.

4 Simple Methods to Improve Your Website

In the information age, our society evolved to a point where a business should establish an online presence in order to succeed. The downside of this new technology is that the merciless competition will crush 97% of new businesses into non-existence.

Online visitors or traffic are the blood and oxygen of internet businesses. Unfortunately for new businesses, acquiring even just a tiny part of internet traffic can be very difficult in the unforgiving competition. The only way for these new businesses to succeed is to be knowledgeable about the most up-to-date internet marketing and promotion techniques.

Method 1: Improve your page layout

Live chat softwareMake sure that you have a very inviting home page. Learn to be creative and original when it comes to web design. You could also go for a minimalistic style such as Google’s home page. Simplicity and convenience are more important than flashiness. Having a clean and simple interface is also appealing for a lot of users, especially if you include a convenient navigation system such as a menu bar that can lead a visitor to the key areas of your web site.

Also opt for cleaner backgrounds. Even plain colors or a single item photograph can do a better job than a distracting image filled with nonsense. Focus on the readability of your content instead. Another important thing to remember is to make sure your site does not require horizontal scrolling. A wide page layout that requires a visitor to use the horizontal scrollbar eliminates convenience. Try to make your page layout vertically long instead. As a final tip, try not to put too much on one page to decrease loading times. Online shoppers are quite finicky when it comes to load times and prefer things to work faster.

Method 2: Use SEO Services

This is a very important, yet very difficult ordeal for any online business. But you can say that a website lives or dies by its page ranking. It is a fact that the number one source of traffic in the internet is the traffic you can get from search engines. Back in the days of Google Panda, the search engine rankings were easily manipulated through article marketing and back-linking. However, the introduction of Google Penguin changed everything. Although there are still proven ways to improve your page rankings such as choosing keywords and providing high-quality and original content, it’s not as easy as it used to be. The good thing is that there are lots of SEO services available online that can help improve your search engine rankings for you.

Method 3: Use Social Media

Social media gave birth to social media and viral marketing. Social media websites such as Facebook and twitter allow millions of users to share, like, or “re-tweet” an online promotional material disguised as a cute picture or a funny quote. You can use plugins or widgets on your website that are linked directly to your social media page such as in facebook, instagram, twitter, and tumblr. Not only will the visitor be a constant potential customer in your online business, his or her friends with the same interests as well can be exposed to your promotional strategies.

Method 4: Use Live Chat Software

This last method is fairly new, but is one of the most promising internet marketing tools of the new age. Based on studies, live chat software is a more effective way to generate leads for your website than Google Adwords and Pop-up ads. Live chat software also effectively cuts down advertising costs (which is a problem with Adwords) and are more efficient than call centers. Live chat software is also incredibly more convenient for your visitors with high conversion rates. This is because online shoppers like it when there is a live person assisting them through the entire website “experience” and is ready to answer any of their questions. In an online survey, 44% of online customers agree that a live chat with an online representative during a transaction is the most helpful feature of a sales web page.

The world of internet marketing is still expanding, so you can assume that the competition will keep on getting tougher. In order to survive, an online business should be willing to adapt to the latest changes in the internet marketplace.

Apex Chat is a Live Chat company that provides live chat software and service.

The President and Custom Military Coins

Custom military coins or challenge coins have become more than just collectors’ items because they are a tradition to the US Armed Forces. These coins represent service and sacrifice to the country in conflicts around the world. Each coin is unique to a military branch, unit and conflict.

The popularity of the custom military coins or what is more commonly known as the challenge coin escalated in the 1990’s when then United States of America President Bill Clinton received a large collection of coins from the military personnel. He displayed the gift in the Oval Office, and is often seen in pictures and in the official portrait of the former president. The collection, which is now on display at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas, may have been the inspiration for the manufacture of custom military coins from the office of the president.

While military coins have become common in the pockets of politicians, government officials and staff in the White House, there are several rare challenge coins that are much sought after by active duty military members, veterans and civilians. And one of the rarest of all coins comes from the Executive Offices of the United States.

custom military coinsMaybe President Clinton was honored with the gift presented to him during his term, and wanted to return the favor by passing on the honor to worthy persons as well. Thus he was the first to introduce the idea of custom military coins or the Presidential Challenge Coin which are handed out by the President himself to important people that have supported the US in one way or another. Thus, the existence of the POTUS Coin or the President of the United States Coin, which bears the Seal of the President of the United States, which has become the rarest coin of all time.

The next presidents who succeeded him, particularly former President George W. Bush and current head of state, President Barack Obama, also have their own POTUS, commemorating important historic events, like the presidential inauguration. Each of these presidents usually passed their coins to military personnel, wounded military members and their families, as well as foreign dignitaries. These coins were transferred through a quick handshake, making the presentation of a discrete and prestigious honor.

To date, there are different variations of the custom military coins from the office of the President: one POTUS Clinton, four variations of the POTUS Bush and one POTUS Obama.

Some of the hard-to-find Challenge Coins include the coin given by a Marine combat patrol unit to then President George W. Bush during his unexpected visit to Al-Asad Airbase in Anbar province in Iraq in 2007; and the challenge coins placed by President Barack Obama on the memorials of the soldiers killed in the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting.

US Vice President Dick Cheney was the first Vice President to make a challenge coin, which became the VPOTUS (Vice President of the United States) Coin. To date, there are two variations of the VPOTUS Cheney and three variations of the VPOTUS Biden, crafted by present Vice President Joe Biden.

The POTUS Coin may be the rarest in the world, followed by the VPOTUS; rare military coins have also been made by the offices of the president’s cabinet, including the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense.

Custom military coins have indeed evolved through the years, thus, it is not only a source of pride born out of being identified with a military service or a momentous achievement, but a source of honor, especially when it is personally given through a handshake by the most respected individuals, not only in the United States but the world as well.

Possessing one of these military coins not only gives one a piece of history, but a sense of importance, in the eyes of not only of the military but the general public as well.

How Much Do I Pay for SEO services?

The question is not so much on how much you will pay: it is more on how much you will spend on SEO. The reason being, you will be the one who will tell the agency which SEO services you are to contract.

What Are the Different SEO services Available?

For a start-up company, you may want to consider getting all or any combination of the following services:

  • Copywriting: Although this may be easy for some companies, these are more often outsourced. Copywriting involved putting the meat on what your product is all about. It tells your customers the specs, when and where and how it could be used, as well as the distinct features which make your product stand out among the rest. A good copywriter is one who makes sure that it highlights the benefits that a product could give a customer.  Needless to say, if it is a digital camera you are selling, it would be more appreciated if you say that it could take clear pictures consecutively of moving objects rather than talking about shutter speed, which may be unknown to the ordinary user. Copywriting costs may range from $0.15 to $0.50 per word. This should already include title tags, an important component of your website.
  • Content audit: This is SEO Servicesdone to determine the relevance of your website’s content to the goals of the company as well as to the needs of the user. As your products evolve, content must be updated to revise current data, remove obsolete information or migrate information to archives. Depending on the scale of the audit to be made, costs may range between $500 and $7,500.00 for multiple sites.
  • Link profile audit: Here, the audit done is mainly to check your website for links which may be doing a disservice to your site. Spam links are an example. The link profile audit also helps your site to create links that are user friendly, giving it a higher probability of being opened. Context, alternative text (for those who do not want to view images), image title and image file names are tools that you can maximize use of to improve backlinks. Link profile audit costs may range from $500 to $7500 depending on how exhaustive a link audit you may want done on your site.
  • Social media site set up: Unless your product is such that it caters to a specific target market, use of the social media sites is a great way to boost your website. If you are bent on selling your product globally, use of the giant social media sites will do well to serve your purpose. And luckily, your SEO agency will be more than willing to help you with the nitty-gritties of setting this up for you in no time. This may mean an additional $500 to $3,000 for you but imagine the reach that you will have and the revenues it could generate for you.

Again, it all depends upon you to make the decision to get some or all of these services. If you are already an established company and would just need the boost on revenues, a retainer form of payment could be more beneficial for you in the long run. You pay a fixed amount of costs every month for the duration of your agreed upon contract. You may also opt to acquire the SEO services on a project basis. Engagement may be on a shorter basis, and payments may be made based ion specific milestones agreed upon. Then again, there are SEO agencies who understand that some companies just want to have an idea first of what SEO services are about and you can get a contract for a fixed price. Lastly, big companies who have the luxury of having their own fleet of personnel to look after SEO concerns, may from time to time call up SEO agencies and be charged on an hourly basis for consultations.

SEO services are definitely a must in this highly internet driven market. Your product may be the best in the market, but if customers do not see it in their searches, every effort that you put into developing this product will all go to waste.

Author Bio:
ExplodeSEO is a New York based SEO Company specializing in SEO Services such as traditional SEO, risk free SEO, Internet marketing Consulting, Local Optimization and Reputation Management services.

Fixing SEO Issues on Your Pages

There are a lot of different elements on every single web page that you see online today, that could stop the progress of SEO. These are often times overlooked by webmasters and even power users of blogging platforms. You don’t want to overlook some simple things that will either make or break your site. Fixing simple elements of your page should be an easy task that you can check up on every now and again. Without editing some simple lines of code, or having a professional assist you with optimization strategies, you could end up dealing with fractured components. It’s with that in mind that the following tips are going to help you create a lasting impression online for maximum reach.

First and foremost, SEOyou should always customize your error pages. Within every major hosting company, there is an option to edit all error pages and that’s one way to not only increase page views, but to also ensure that your pages aren’t being indexed improperly. Make sure that the error pages are customized, and have links to your main home pages. Allowing people to understand that the URL wasn’t typed correctly or that they’ve reached a part of your page that is no longer live, is crucial to the establishment of SEO overall.

Another component of the world of repair online is that of interior page links. Aside from the navigation that you have, make sure that you do not rely on calls to action alone. Things like “click here” should not be spread out through the page, instead you should diversify things a bit. Making sure that you have several different options will help you with the overall reach that you have. If you have a specific niche, and keyword sect, make sure to use them to your advantage. For instance, if you’re selling big screen televisions, use that keyword to become an anchor text. Don’t go overboard with this, but it sure will help with SEO if you have more than just the standard “click here” as text.

Clickable images is another thing that you should think about. You should allow people to click on images and go to other pages as well as galleries. This will help with SEO in a variety of ways. If you optimize the code to include alt, and title tags with proper context, you have another way to make sure that spiders are easily crawling through your site. Just remember, you don’t want to stuff keywords in here, nor do you want to copy the words often. It needs to be organic and true to your niche.

The above fixes will help stop negative components from manifesting within SERP. The more you can focus on cleaning up your site, establishing good habits, and code structures, the higher the chances are that you will get indexed within all search engines. Even the top names in search will find you if you simply fix the simple things mentioned here and find other outlets to make minor changes. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impacts with search engine optimization.